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Easy knitted coasters - Free knitting pattern

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

I have recently been putting together a "learn to knit" video series which is available within the video tutorials section of the website or over on youtube. I then realised that although I do have a couple of beginner knitting patterns available, they still require you to know how to complete both a Knit & a Purl stitch.

So I decided to create an even simpler pattern, one that someone who has never knitted before would be able to complete with the guidance of the video tutorials.

So, here it is - the Creme de Cassis Coasters! The perfect pattern, even if you are right at the beginning of your knitting journey & looking for a simple, quick to complete, project that will whet your appetite for more.

Two grey mugs on lilac knitted coasters with purple flowers in the background.

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These coasters won't just be practical, they'll also look great in your home! You could make them in different colours to match your colour scheme or, if you want to make them as gifts you could make everyone a different coloured set so that they're all unique.

As you grow in confidence you could easily add a few extra stitches & rows to turn them into place mats or pot holders - I know that you will soon be wondering why you didn't pick up those needles sooner!

'Creme de Cassis Coasters' pattern details

This post contains the free version of my 'Creme de Cassis Coasters' pattern which uses only knit stitches throughout making it super easy even if you've never knitted before!

You can also purchase a printable PDF version for a small fee in my ravelry, Etsy or Ribblr stores.

The pattern is a simple, 1 row repeat (in other words, you do the exact same thing for each & every row).

Which yarn should you choose for your knitted coasters?

I used Ricorumi DK (Double knit weight), 100% cotton yarn in the shades Pastel pink (007) & Lilac (017) but remember, you can use whatever colour you like - the range includes an impressive 80 shades to choose from.

You could use 2 strands of the same colour if you prefer but I really like the rippled effect achieved by using 2 different colours. I made four coasters & still had yarn left over so you could possibly get a set of five or six from your 2 balls.

You can also use you're preferred DK yarn but do bare in mind that as these are coasters, a 100% cotton is your best option as it is more heat tolerant than acrylic - I know you'd hate to put in all that effort to create something beautiful only to have it melt the first time you put a hot mug on it.

A hand holding a tin mug in front of an outdoor fire.

Terms used in the pattern

  • Cast On (CO)

  • Knit (K)

  • Bind Off (BO)



18 stitches x 28 rows measures 10cm x 10cm.

Finished size

8.5cm x 8.5cm after blocking


CO 15 stitches. Watch this video tutorial for help with this.

Row 1: K to end. (15 stitches). Watch this video tutorial for help with this step.

Row 2 – 24: Repeat Row 1. (15 stitches).

After Row 24 (last row) BO (Watch this video tutorial for help with this step). until 1 stitch remains.

Cut yarn, leaving approx. 10cm tail. Pull up your remaining stitch to make a larger loop & thread your yarn tail through. Pull gently to secure.

Repeat these simple steps to create as many coasters as you need.

Finishing off

Weave in all ends & block so that all edges are even & all four (or however many you make) are uniform.

A set of Lilac hand knitted coasters wrapped up in ribbon, ready for gifting.

A final note!

I really hope you've enjoyed using this free pattern & would love to see your versions. You can comment below to let me know how you found it & if you use social media, you can tag me @duffyscraftdays.

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