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How to Crochet the Perfect Rose - A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or a newcomer to the world of yarn and hooks, this tutorial is designed just for you.

Picture this: a garden of crocheted roses, each petal woven with love and precision. In this step-by-step guide, we'll unravel the secrets behind crafting your very own crochet rose. It's not just a project; it's a floral symphony of stitches, a dance of colors, and a celebration of your crafting prowess. 🧶

Join me as we delve into the art of creating these timeless blooms. Whether you're adorning a hat, enhancing a bag, or simply looking to elevate your crochet repertoire, this crochet rose tutorial promises not just a finished project but a blossoming sense of accomplishment. 🌹😉

Are you ready to crochet your own garden of everlasting roses? Let's get started! 

A red crocheted rose being held in two hands
Learn how to crochet the perfect rose

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Materials needed for Your Crochet Rose

Abbreviations used

ch – chain

st(s) – stitches

sk - skip

sp - space

dc – double crochet

htr – half treble crochet

tr – treble crochet

When instructions are given to repeat, it is to repeat the instructions which are in inverted brackets like these: [ ]

Please note that I will use UK terminology throughout this tutorial.

There is no need to make a swatch for this pattern & Gauge is not crucial. You can use any yarn that you have to hand as long as you use the correct hook for the yarn weight, your rose may end up a different size (ie; a dk yarn will produce a smaller rose and a super chunky yarn will give you a larger one) but will still turn out perfectly. 🥰


The rose is formed very simply, working just two rows. The first row uses skipped stitches and chains to create spaces. Row 2 then works into those spaces, creating shells shapes which will go on to form the petals of the rose.

A pair of hands holding a crochet hook and red yarn.
Shell or "petal" shapes are formed by working multiple stitches into the spaces formed in row one.

The petals are then rolled in on themselves to form the rose shape and sewn to secure.

Pattern begins

Leaving a tail of approx 40cm, create a slip knot and ch56.

Hands working with red yarn and a crochet hook
Create a slip knot and chain 56.

Row 1:

Working into the back of the chain, 1htr into the 4th ch from the hook.

Two hands crocheting with red yarn.
Work 1 half treble crochet into the fourth chain from the hook.

Ch2, [sk1, 1htr, ch2], repeat to the end of the foundation chain, finishing with 1htr into the last chain. Ch3 and turn.

A piece of red crochet and a crochet hook being held.
Spaces are formed in row one by skipping some stitches and creating chains.

At this point your work will look more like a worry worm than a rose but trust the process. 😊 If you stretch out your work you will be able to clearly see the spaces created by the skipped stitches and chains.

Row 2:

For this row you will work into the spaces that have been created by the ch2's from row1, rather than working into the tops of the stitches.

Into the first sp, work 5tr. 1dc into the next sp, [6tr into the next sp, 1dc into the next sp], repeat four more times (a total of six, 6tr "shells").

A pair of hands holding some crochet and a crochet hook. An arrow is pointing at the crochet and the words "Work into the spaces, not the stitches" have been added.
Work into the spaces, not the stitches.

[Work 9tr into the next sp, 1dc into the next sp], repeat four more times (a total of five, 9tr "shells"). Work 12tr into the next sp, [1dc into the next sp, 12tr into the next sp], repeat one more time (a total of three, 12tr "shells").

A piece of red crochet work being held.
Once row two is completed your work will look twisted. This helps with the process of rolling the "petals".

Cut your yarn and fasten off.

Making up

Thead your beginning tail onto the darning needle. Starting at the slip knot end, begin rolling the petals in on themselves, to form the rose shape. I would recommend doing this without sewing first so that you get an idea of how the shape forms. Then undo & repeat, this time, using the darning needle to sew through the petals to secure them each time you do a full rotation.

And there you have it – a radiant crochet rose blooming at the end of your fingertips! As you gaze upon your finished creation, remember that every rose you create is a testament to your crafting journey.

A green crocheted bag with a red crocheted rose, a red necklace and a red beaded rose.
Embellish a bag with your beautiful rose.

Why not experiment with different yarn colors, try various sizes, and mix up your stitches to create a garden as unique as you are. Share your blossoming creations with the world by tagging me on social media [@duffyscraftdays]. I can't wait to see the diverse gardens of roses that will flourish from this tutorial. 😀

Two pink crocheted roses and one yellow crocheted rose on a brown background.
Experiment with different yarns and colours.

Feel the joy of gifting your handmade roses to loved ones. And don't forget to spread the love of crafting by sharing this tutorial with your crochet friends.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to share your crochet journey, drop a comment below. The world is waiting to see the beauty you can create with just a hook and some yarn.

Happy crocheting! Until next time, keep those hooks dancing and those fingers crafting.🌹💖

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